Industrial structure is constantly changing due to technology,economic environment,social demands and population dynamics.In addition,the building and construction industry is similar.
Project management for construction laboratory  to analyze the building production system (order, spatial and construction methods, processes, cost, operation, etc.)  in terms of management.Even if the results of a small research, for the future of building production field, we will make the call to the world.
If you think want to pursue the building production field, let's study together.

About us

Kazuya Shide

Field of specialization
Construction management & Facility management, Building information model

1992 Toyota National College of Technology
2009 Shibaura Institute of Technology, Master (Professional) course
2013 Chiba University, Doctor's course

Master in Management of Technology (Professional), Doctor of Philosophy

Research topics
Making building production processes efficient based on the scheduling and procurement.
Stipulation for the application of BIM to the operation of the construction management and facility management.
The interaction of the architecture in the building production system that the between owners' demands, building construction and construction program of works.

Building information model, Synchronized multi-site scheduling method, Construction sub-system, Construction management, Facility management, Integral/Modular, Statistical analysis, Multi agent simulation

Project Management for Construction

Virtual construction structure to build using a computer is called "BIM"(Building Information Model). In recent years, because it has advanced the development of input and planning management tools, companies using BIM is increasing. Shide laboratory will study the efficient management techniques to use the new technology for building production. And, believe that our mission to transmit the results to society. Construction industry is made up of a number of industries, many steps. So there is a need to promote and activation of communication, the industrialization of the building by BIM. As a result, it’s hoped that the productivity of the construction industry can be improved. Our laboratory will tour the construction sites and factories. In addition, through the exchange of opinions between the integrated such as practitioners, we try to have the opportunity to touch the practice. We will look at the eyes, and listen to the voice, and to cherish the way to use own hands. In future, we will continue to feel the trends and problems in the field in their own mind.