About us

Our primary activity is conducting fieldwork to study man’s vernacular knowledge and skills on architecture. Moreover, social system in order to design and build the house, the way of managing and creating everyday life on the house after the construction are also our main objective.
We keep the research results and primary data as archives and apply them to actual architectural projects to create better housing, dwelling, and environment.​

Our motto is “leap before you look!”  見る前に跳べ! We simply believe nothing begins without jumping or leaping. Stepping forward while making full use of imagination is the common philosophy among the members who are gathering in our laboratory.

Our laboratory needs person who try to wrestle unknown things. Those who are interested in the cross-cultural understanding and have intension to overcome a new problem by themselves, please look in the laboratory.

Fiscal 2020 Target

Research plan for FY2020

  • Using the methodology of architectural planning and design, comparative study of housing and dwelling, and architectural anthropology, promote the following research subjects;
  • Redesign of the village
    Study on regeneration and sustainability of cultural landscape in waterfront village in mainland Southeast Asia. Thai, Laos.
    Re-design of village using eco-museum method. Laos, Thai.
    Research on dwelling culture in the Mimikawa river basin in Kyushu mountainous area.
    Research and development of the way how to make activation of Kurima Island, Okinawa.
  • Regeneration of modern architecture and living heritage.
    Research on modern urban architecture in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, by using the existing network and association.
  • South American Architectural Study based on the idea, "Integrative Human Historical Science of "Out of Eurasia",
    Exploring the Mechanisms of the Development of Civilization, in Ecuador, Cuba.
  • Study on traditional Hanok and courtyard in South Korea.
  • Study on techniques for driving the city.
  • History of withdrawal in Klong toei slum on Bangkok, Thailand.
  • A study on whereabout of children living in modern cities.
  • Empirical research such as living nearby and aging in place.
  • Design based on fieldwork.
  • miscellaneous