Staff and Laboratories



Architectural Design
  Taira Nishizawa
    Architectural Design Laboratory Alternative resources, Environment, Technology, Mathematics, Economy, Politics (survival base for the underclass).
  Taizo Taniguchi
    Architectural Design Laboratory Architectural design, Living environment, Interior, Amenity, Space, Space producer, Molding, Regional activation.
  Osami Gota
    Architecture and Dwelling Environment Design Laboratory Architectural design , Planning of dwelling environment.
  Masahiro Harada
    Architecture and Environmental Design Laboratory Architectural design, Urban design, Climate, Living environment, Housing complex, Design, Molding, Urban planning, Urban landscape.
  Jun Inokuma
    Architectural Design Laboratory We will focus on design and design, and seek a new way of society.
  Yoshihide Kobanawa
    Architecture and Landscape Design Laboratory Architectural design, Urban and Public design, Landscape design, Renovation and Conversion method.
Architectural Plannning
  Ikuro Shimizu
    Housing & Environmental Design Studio / Laboratory Vernacular architecture, Ethnographic architectural study, Traditional wooden house world wide, Activation of the community, Conservation of traditional housing and dwelling culture, Ecological environment.
  Ruka Kosuge
    Architectural Planning Studio/Lab.  Through the planning of various public facilities, we research the relationship between people and architecture.
City Plannning
  Hidetoshi Maeda
    Urban Design Laboratory Architectural design, City planning, Urban landscape, Environment, Space, Architectural planning, Regional activation, Urban regeneration, Urban design.
  Hideaki Shimura
    Regional Design Laboratory Town planning, Urban design, Local community, Urban landscape, Regional activation, Regional planning, City planning, Urban regeneration, Architectural design, Landscape town development.
  Michihiko Shinozaki
    Design science Laboratory Space, Design science, Virtual reality, Urban regeneration, Urban landscape, Computer simulation.
  Hitoshi Kuwata
    Urban Planning Laboratory Urban planning, Land use, Town planning, Living environment, Local community, Urban landscape.
  Hirosuke Sato
    Regional and Social Environmental Design Laboratory Transitional City, Sustainable City, City for Aging Society, Urban Regeneration, Housing Complex Regeneration, Regeneration of Rural Area, Public Space・Open Space, Vacant House, Landscape Design, Area Management, Community Design.
Architectural History
  Rumi Okazaki
    Laboratory of Architectural History Architectural and urban history, cultural heritage, preservation and conservation, Asia, Africa.
  Ogashiwa Norika
    Architectural History & Conservation Cultural Property Laboratory purpose is to capture a wide area of the architectural history field, together with the Conservation field.
Construction Management
  Hirotake Kanisawa
    Laboratory of Construction Production System Specialist Sub-Contractor, Skilled Labours, Fringe Benefit, employment, Interior finish work, Progress information, Information transmission route,Organigraph, Carpenters, Traditional skill,Timber joinery, Mechanisms of the skill.
  Kazuya Shide
    Laboratory of Project Management for Construction The future of the construction industry, with keywords such as "BIM" and " Life Cycle Management".
Building Environmental Facilities
  Kimiya Murakami
    Urban Environmental System Laboratory Sustainability, Energy conservation, Urban planning, Regional planning, City planning.
  Takashi Akimoto
    Laboratory of Architectural Environmental Design and Building Facilities Comprehensive Assessment System for Build Environment Efficiency, Smart Wellness House, Zero Energy House, Energy Efficient Building, Thermal Comfort, Indoor Environment, Personalized Air Conditioning System, Workplace Productivity, Building Facilities, Energy Management, etc.
  Naoya Nishimura
    Architectural Environmental Laboratory IAQ, SPM, HVAC System.
  Sayana Tsushima  
    Laboratory of Architectural Environments Indoor Environmental Quality, Workplace Productivity, Energy consumption, Behavior Change, Wellness, Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Comfort.
Building Materials and Operations
  Junko Koga
    Architectural material Laboratory Building material, Building finish material, Performance evaluation.
  Hitoshi Hamasaki
    Building Materials and Construction Laboratory Building Materials, Concrete, Durability.
Building Structure
  Fumitoshi Kumazawa
    Earthquake Engineering Laboratory Security and safety, Seismic structure, Architectural structure, Earthquake, Disaster prevention, Skyscraper, Seismic isolation, Computer simulation, Structural mechanics.
  Kenji Kabayama
    Structural and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory Building structure, Seismic performance, Safety of structure, Disaster prevention, Disaster reduction, Recycling society, Structural experiment, Structural analysis.
  Shinji Kishida
    Structural Engineering Laboratory Seismic behavior, prestressed cocrete beam-column joints, reinforced concrete beam-column joints, pile caps.
  Yuki Ozawa
    Structural Design Laboratory Architectural structure, Wooden architecture, Historic monuments.
  Asada Hayato
    Steel Structures Laboratory Create smarter, safer and stronger steel buildings for a sustainable future. Keywords: Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Steel and Composite Structures, Welded Structures, Structural Steel Design, Seismic Design, Optimization of Fabrication Process.
Project Design
  Satoru Yamashiro
    Project Design Laboratory Reconsidering urban and regional issues from the perspective of the relationship between architecture and wood.
  Michiko Okano
     Architectural Project Laboratory  
Liberal Arts
  Yasuhiro Kurokawa
    Topology and Geometry Laboratory Topology, Geometry, Singularity theory, Differential geometry, Architectural geometry.
  Shinji Sasaki
    Analysis laboratory Differential equation, Asymptotic analysis, WKB analysis, Borel summation method, Stokes curve.
  Masa Tsuneyasu  
    Applied Linguistics Laboratory

Second Language Acquisition, Individual Differences, Personality, Motivation, Learning Styles.

  Hideaki Kurishima
    Laboratory for Urban and Regional Sustainability Sustainability, Urban planning, Local community, Recycling society, Environmental load, Environmental analysis, Town planning, Clean energy, Consumer behavior.
  Kazumi Sato
    Laboratory for Global and Local Communities  Localities in globalization, Immigration and acculturation, Religious conflicts, Multi-scale thinking.