Shibaura Institute of Technology /School of Architecture/Department of Architecture

About School of Architecture

S.I.T. has a 90-year history and tradition of architecture. Since its establishment, S.I.T. has produced creative specialists in the field of architecture. The Department of Architecture (ARCH) has recently been opened to develop a future-oriented architecture education. ARCH has an integrated program which includes Engineering, Architecture Design, and a variety of liberal arts. This facilitates producing talented engineers who design objects with a broad outlook. In the program of study, students will focus on ways to solve various issues facing society such as earthquakes or tsunami. Learning architecture is a way to address emerging social issues. ARCH is a new department to provide high-level architectural education and has three courses; Advanced Project Design Course (AP), Space and Architectural Design Course (SA), and Urban Architectural Design Course (UA). They offer a variety of unique and practical classes. So, why don’t we learn, explore society, and develop a future based on architecture.

Advanced Project Design Course (AP)

We design buildings, cities and spaces from a global perspective through advanced projects which deal with disaster recovery, revitalization of the regions as well as energy and environmental problems.

Space and Architectural Design Course (SA)

Focusing on scales of the spaces around us including residential houses, and architecture integrating wide variety of techniques, you will design buildings, city, and spaces.

Urban and Architectural Design Course (UA)

This course integrates a wide range of architectural techniques for designing buildings, cities and spaces to build community and urban life.