Architectural Planning and Design Laboratory
The building design and the relationship between humans and architecture

In order to improve the design of buildings, during the architectural planning stage, it is important to have a better understanding of how the building will be "used". In our laboratory, we investigate the actual usage of public structures, such as medical, welfare and educational facilities, which are mainly used by an unspecified number of people, and consider architectural planning from the occupant's point of view.
The results of our research on how buildings are used by the general public, will be employed to design future facilities that are easier to use.

Prof. Kosuge has research experience at U.S. universities for several years and is able to teach students in English.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about lab. researches or international joint projects.
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Dr. Ruka Kosuge, Associate Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology
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Academic Society

- Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
- Japan Institute of Healthcare Architecture (JIHa)
- Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan (HEAJ)
- Japanese Society for the Science of Design (JSSD)


- Facility Planning
- Post Ocupancy Evaluation
- Declining Birthrate and Aging Population
- Healthcare Architecture
- Universal Design

Current research topics being undertaken by lab members:

- Design of facilities for adults with mental illness and their families
- Housing planning for wheelchair users
- Research on facility planning of music halls from the performers’ perspective
- Design of an urban movie theatre
- Research and design of various "learning spaces" in school buildings
- Design of housing complexes with vertical communities
- Planning of a university campus with specialized departments
- Design of a trailhead facility on Mt. Fuji
- Re-utilization plan for a closed school building
- Research on spatial connectivity using space syntax theory in Aquariums
- Research on housing complex communities and daily life interactions
- Research on the role of public parks in urban centers
- Design of a disaster-resistant community housing complex in a shopping district
- Design of an information center for popular traditional crafts
- Design of a rehabilitation hospital utilizing community resources