History of architecture seems like a very conservative subject, however, it’s a very active field, to know the past well, and utilized it for the future.

Although the contemporary construction methods of Japanese wooden homes seem modernized, they have a really long history, and are the result of the transition process from antiquity to the 21st Century.

Japan has a long history and the people have cultivated the building method in accordance with the climate and culture for centuries.

Our duty is to recognize the history accurately and to make use of it in the future.
Every year, we have a lot of surveys and investigations of historical buildings and cities.

If you want to join our laboratory, please feel free.

About me

Yoko W. Ito

Field of specialization
Architectural History

Education and Degree

the University of Tokyo
→ 1979 Dept.of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering
→ 1981 Master degree from Graduate school of Engineering
→ 1987 Doctor of Engineering,

Research topics

Survey for historical buildings and old cities/villages
Selection for designated cultural properties after survey
Investigation for historical construction methods

History of Japanese architecture and urban planning, 
History of Asian architecture and urban planning,
History of European architecture and urban planning,

Application of VR/AR system for the reconstruction of lost architecture and cities

Candidate architecture for the World Heritage
Architectural survey  after the final presentation of the lesson' History of architecture and urban planning'  19th July 2016