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Kanisawa Hirotake

Field of specialization

Building production・Construction method

Research theme

Research on improving productivity of housing construction. (Production system of detached houses as a whole / interior finish of large scale apartment houses)
Study on education and training system of construction technician, evaluation system / Study on actual condition of treatment of construction technician.
Study on production system of Southeast Asian countries / Study on homogenization process of residential buildings in Southeast Asian countries.
Research on skill analysis, quantification, qualitative evaluation.
Research on ensuring safety of frame of wooden houses. (Research on method of safety evaluation of frame, development of educational system)


Specialized construction industry, Technician, Construction worker, Labor,
Formwork construction industry, Reinforcement construction industry
Interior work, Progress information, Information transmission route, Organ graph
Carpenters, Skills, Fittings, Work research, Wooden buildings